Changing the titles

For dashboard blocks

You can change the title of the blocks shown on the dashboard page (by default Recent files for example). Just insert the following code snippet in your theme’s functions.php file:

function cuar_change_dashboard_block_title($old_title) {
  return 'My new files title';
$page_slug = 'customer-private-files';
add_filter('cuar/core/dashboard/block-title?slug=' . $page_slug, 'cuar_change_dashboard_block_title');

For private pages, or any other content type, you will simply need to change the $target_page_slug variable to indicate the page slug which manages this private content type.

For the content list pages

You may change the content list page’s title, for example, the title shown on the “My files” page.

function cuar_change_content_list_page_title($old_title) {
    return 'My title';

$page_slug = 'customer-private-pages';
$display_mode = 'category_archive';
add_filter('cuar/core/page/subtitle?slug=' . $page_slug . '&display-mode=' . $display_mode, 'cuar_change_content_list_page_title');

Above, `$display_mode` will either be `default`, `author_archive`, `category_archive` or `date_archive`.

For content associated to a container

Inside a container (e.g. a project) details page, associated content is listed in blocks. Here is a function to change the title for those blocks:

function cuar_change_associated_block_title($old_title) {
  return 'Associated files';
$post_type = 'cuar_private_file';
add_filter('cuar/core/page/container-content-subtitle?type=' . $post_type, 'cuar_change_associated_block_title');

The `$post_type` variable allows you to target the various blocks separately.