Change dashboard sections order

This code snippet will allow you to re-organize the order of the blocks on the dashboard. This will only work in a plugin, and NOT in a theme functions.php file.
This example will place the conversations block to the top of the page, and the files block to the bottom.

 * Change Dashboard blocks priorities.
 * Default priority is set to 9.
 * @param $priority
 * @param $slug
 * @return int
function custom_cuar_dashboard_blocks_order($priority, $slug){

	switch ($slug) {
		case 'customer-conversations': return 1;
		case 'customer-private-files': return 20;		

	return $priority;
add_filter('cuar/core/page/dashboard-block-priority', 'custom_cuar_dashboard_blocks_order', 99, 2);