Update procedure

WP Customer Area is a complex plugin and the proposed extensions are based on the original source code. To perform updates, it is important to follow these instructions in order to avoid problems.

1. Backup your site

To recover from any error that may occur during an update, we recommend that you make a full backup of your website:

  • The database (MySQL) through phpMyAdmin or installing a plugin like WP-DB-Backup
  • The files (theme, plugins, uploads, etc.) : using your favorite FTP client, simply download the entire WordPress folder

This step is optional though highly recommended. Once you have these backups, you will be able to get back to the current state of your website if anything goes wrong.

2. Deactivate the main plugin and the add-ons

Before updating, it is very important that you first deactivate each add-on and then the main WP Customer Area plugin.

3. Check if an update is available

Now that you have a full backup of your site, we need to check if an update is available – both for WP Customer Area as one of its extensions.

From your WordPress admin panel

The main WP Customer Area plugin can be updated just like any other plugin. Due to some technical reasons and for some server setups, the add-on updates may or may not show up under the “update available” plugin page. If they are showing, then you can simply update all of them directly. If not, you have to download them manually from your customer account (see below).

From your customer account

If you have bought any add-on, you can download the latest version from your account page on this website. Download any add-on that may have been updated. If add-ons depend on other third party plugins, remember to check if updates are available for them too.

Once you have the files, you will need to delete the add-on manually, and then upload the new zip file. This will replace the old add-on files with the new ones.

4. Re-activate extensions

Now that you have updated everything, it is high time to re-activate it so that you can enjoy your upgraded private area.

The order for activation is important: you want to first activate the main WP Customer Area plugin. Then, you can activate each add-on one by one. This allows you to check step by step that everything is working as before and if not, you will easily tell who caused the issue.