WP Customer Area is a modular all-in-one solution to manage private content with WordPress. Files, pages, conversations, tasks, etc.: sharing private content with one or multiple users is the main feature provided by our plugin. Give it a try!

Main features

  • Secure

    WP Customer Area guarantees a member-only area accessible only to authenticated users. The content shared in that space is fully secure and will never be indexed by search engines.
  • Simple

    Sharing private content with the free plugin is as simple as selecting a user. Want to share with multiple users, a role or even make your own user groups? We have an add-on for that!
  • Valuable

    By enabling comments on private contents in order to create a relationship with your customers, students, etc. Say goodbye to lost emails or out-of-context conversations .
  • Powerful

    The base plugin allows to privately share pages and files for free. Our add-ons provide even more: conversations, projects, task lists and much more very soon!
  • Extensible

    WP Customer Area was built with developers in mind. There are hundreds of functions, action hooks, and filters that developers can use to create their own features.
  • Themable

    WP Customer Area perfectly integrates into plenty of existing themes and probably the one you are using too. Need to customize some elements? You can change the appearance of every element of your private area.

Premium add-ons and themes

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